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March $150 Bleaching Promotion Continued!

Since the response to our March teeth whitening promotion was so inspiring, we are going to continue our ‘Get a cleaning and you will be eligible for $150 Whitening’ through the summer.

Once you are in for your cleaning appointment, you can set up a whitening appointment within a 30 day window after the cleaning.  You will have the choice of either the take home whitening kit or the in office whitening for $150.  We will need an hour and fifteen minute appointment for the in office whitening appointment.  As a side note, we do not perform the cleaning and the in-office bleaching on the same day.


On December 8, 2023, SmileDirect Club, the do-it-your-self home orthodontic aligner company announced that they would be ceasing their global operations effective immediately.  The company’s closure would essentially end any customer service, dentist assistance and further aligner production. They have asked their customers to seek answers to their questions at the following website.


We understand that some of you will now be caught in the middle of their orthodontic treatment without any guidance from Smile Direct Club. Our office is positioned to accommodate those patients impacted by Smile Direct Club’s closure.  Please call the office for a complementary clear aligner consultation as soon as possible for a seamless transition of your orthodontic treatment.

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