Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Imagine visiting the dentist where you can have multiple "fillings" done throughout your mouth and NOT have to have any injections of novocaine!!! The possibility of having dental treatment and then being able to eat right afterward now exists!!

At Dr's Lantner and Goldberg, we utilize the Biolase Waterlase IPlus YSGG laser. For certain procedures, we can comfortably prepare the teeth or soft tissues without any anesthesia. That means... NO "SHOTS" !!!

Painless, anesthesia-less fillings are just some of the benefits of the laser. We can also use the laser to help manage your periodontal or "gum" health. The laser can remove plaque and calculus buildup and aid in the sterilization of the peridontal pocket. In specific cases, we can even use the laser in your Root Canal Treatment.

The Laser is also wonderful for removing excess gum tissue, like that annoying flap lying over your half impacted wisdom tooth!! We can remove growths like benign fibromas and scar tissue. Tongue-tiedness, frenectomies and gingival hyperplasias are all easily and comfortably corrected.

Schedule your appointment today and see how the laser can change your dental experience!!